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Buying a car out of state and having it shipped to you? 2022 Guide

Are you in the market for a new car? This is such a tremendous and exciting experience. In 2022, online car sales websites have made it much easier than back in days; for example, Autotempest is a great website that makes your search even easier as it searches through several websites such as eBay, Cars.com, Carvana, etc.

Imagine that you found a great vehicle that you liked so much and are ready to buy no matter what, somewhere in Colorado being yourself from Massachusetts.

The first question in your head is, "How do I pay for it?".

The payment process can quickly be done through the ACH bank transfer that is secure, cheap, and fast, but you have to get a signed bill of landing at the same time. How do you sign it? There is a lot of e-signature software on the web now, for example, DocuSign, EverSign, etc.

The second question you should raise is "How do I check the car?".

The most famous websites to check car recalls, service, and maintenance records are Carfax and AutoChecker for small fees, you will get all information about the vehicle. Also, It will be essential to get a walk-through video from the seller and look at the engine bay in real-time and undercarriage that will give you a chance to see any obvious leaks and rust, for example.

Now it's time to answer the main question from our header: "How to ship a car that you've bought?"

Car shipping can be tricky, especially when delivering a car you have never actually seen. The most important thing is to ensure that the car carrier has valid cargo insurance to secure the vehicle shipping process. 

Another thing that auto transport companies do is an arrangement of pickups and deliveries locations and dates to make sure your car delivery process goes smoothly and transport your vehicle worry-free. 

Car shipping companies will be in touch with a seller until the car gets picked up and stay in touch with you and the driver until it's delivered. Also, car shippers always make sure to get signed by seller and driver bill of landing and photos that state the vehicle's condition.

The cost to ship a car may vary and depends on many factors such as weather conditions, demand on the route, current fuel prices, and of course, the distance and how soon the car needs to be shipped. Here is more information on How to Choose Tight Auto Transport Company.

Dreamline Logistics is here to help you with that process and provide with the best transport prices - give a call at 8572010302 or get a free quote for your car shipment from our website!

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