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Not Your Average Car Shipping Service

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Dreamline Logistics provides professional freight and car shipping services across the United States.

Whether you need cross-country car shipping or a motorcycle shipped one state over, Dreamline Logistics has you covered. With approximately twelve years of combined industry experience, Dreamline Logistics has the knowledge and expertise to provide a premium car transport service.

The company’s open and enclosed trailers can deliver various cargo types, including cars, boats, motorcycles, luxury cars, trailers, classic cars, buses, sports cars, and more. 

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Door-to-Door Car Shipping Service Makes it Easy for All

When customers use Dreamline to ship their vehicles, they’ll experience a car transport service like no other.

Dreamline Logistics offers full-service delivery at affordable prices. With the Name Your Price tool, customers know they’re receiving the best service for their budget.

Nationwide & Local Service

Budget Friendly

24/7 Reliable Dispatch

Open & Enclosed Trailers

Covered & Secure Storage

Insured Cargo Up to $750K

Unfulfilled Orders Receive Full Refunds

Fast Car Shipping with Dreamline Logistics

A Trailer For All Cargo

Dreamline Logistics is carrying customers’ precious cargo and offering several types of trailers.
Depending on their budget, customers have the option to choose between open and enclosed trailers.

Open trailer car shipping

Open Trailer

Open trailers are accessible on all sides, offering easy entry for loading and unloading. Because this type lacks a roof, vehicle height is never an issue.

- Large boats, trailers, buses, and cars can easily fit inside.
- Open trailers tend to be more affordable.
- Best option for larger cargo traveling a short distance.

- Due to its exposed nature, the open trailer lacks security and protection
- Cargo can be susceptible to poor weather conditions.

Enclosed trailer car shipping in Boston

Enclosed Trailer

An enclosed trailer is contained on each side, meaning luxury and antique vehicles are entirely protected from outside elements. This type of trailer boasts multiple benefits every luxury or classic car owner should take advantage of.

- Vehicles aren’t impacted by inclement weather such as snow or rain, nor are they exposed to ricocheting rocks or pebbles.
- Enclosed auto transport also offers security from thieves or vandals and protection from falling off of the trailer.
- The best option for customers shipping their cargo long distances.

- The only disadvantage of an enclosed trailer is a higher price compared to an open trailer.

If you are looking for the safest car shipping and complete peace of mind, enclosed auto transport is your best bet.

* Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or requests.


Book Your Car Shipping With Dreamline Logistics in Three Easy Steps


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/ Fill out the form—it should only take a few minutes.

/ Provide the cargo details, its current location, and destination.

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Prepare Your Car

/ A Dreamline agent will discuss car shipping costs via phone. 

/ Negotiate a car transport cost that’s best for your budget.

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Get Your Car Delivered

/ An agent will match you with the ideal driver and schedule your cargo for pick-up. 

/ Review the Dreamline Logistics prep checklist.

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Why Customers Choose Dreamline

Transporting cars cross-country can be a nightmare when working with other companies. Customers often find their cargo damaged in transit, the price has changed upon delivery, hidden fees unexpectedly pop up, and the company doesn’t provide car shipping updates on demand. 

Dreamline Logistics’ customers have a different experience. Customers find Dreamline faster and more affordable than its competitors. They work with customers’ car shipping budgets. Plus, Dreamline’s added value services such as car wash reimbursement provide that extra special touch.

Customers have praised Dreamline’s:
Punctuality & reliability
Record-breaking delivery times
24/7 live updates
Car wash reimbursement
Affordable prices
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/ OUR promise

Dreamline Pledges Outstanding Service Every Time

Professional Drivers
Dreamline Logistics drivers have more than twelve years of professional experience working at car hauling companies. Before embarking on a delivery, every driver must take pictures of the cargo, check each vehicle’s fuel levels, and securely load cargo into the trailer.
Reliable Carriers
‍Whether local or cross-country car transport, customers can rely on Dreamline Logistics and its professional drivers. Dreamline Logistics has twelve-plus years of combined experience in the auto shipping industry, meaning they have the knowledge and expertise to deliver  vehicle
Insured Cargo
With Dreamline Logistics, all customer cargo is insured at no extra cost—it’s all included in the car shipping cost! Dreamline’s cargo insurance provides compensation for any goods that have been damaged, destroyed, or lost in transit up to $750,000 worth of damages. 
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/ what to expect

Hassle-Free Vehicle Preparation

Guarantee less than 100 pounds of personal belongings in cargo

Ensure your gas tank Is 25% full

Receive a pick-up time & location confirmation call

Cargo insurance covering up to $750,000* 

Car wash reimbursement up to $20*

how it works?
Car Details

Leave at least a quarter of a gas tank

Sleep tight!
Each load is insured up to $750K with no deductible from our customers

Complimentary up to 100lb of personal items

Still have some questions?

Let us help you with the answers.

How can I pay for the service?

Dreamline accepts cash, certified check, money order, PayPal, and every major credit card.

What are the hours of operation?

Dreamline operates Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 6 PM EDT. Dispatch is available seven days a week, 7 AM to 11 PM. Customer service is available 24/7 via live chat.


Dreamline provides clients with a $750,000 carrier's cargo insurance at no additional cost for every vehicle.


Dreamline offers a car wash reimbursement for any vehicle shipment over 2,000 miles. Submit a car wash receipt to for up to $20 and get your money back.


What’s the Price to Ship a Car?

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Client Info

Step 2/3

Car Info

Tell us about your car
Is your vehicle operable?
What type of trailer will you prefer?
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Shipping Info

First available date for pick up?
How soon are you planning to transport your car?


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