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How to Choose The Right Auto Transport Company | 2022 Guide

Choosing The Right Auto Transport Company

Shipping your car to another state can be rather stressful, especially if this is your first time. Searching for the best auto shipping company can be rather tiring and time consuming.

Even though every car moving company looks similar to another, each has their own differences. Therefore, it is essential to do your research before choosing your best option. 

This article will provide you with the main factors and criteria, which you need to keep in your mind while getting auto shipping quotes from different companies.

Establish your major requirements. 

Before starting looking for the right car shipper, you need to clearly establish what kind of service you are looking for. By setting up the right list of requirements to the shipper, there is a higher chance that the auto transport company will be able to meet your expectations. to meet them 

Here are a few factors that might help you establish your expectations:

- Dates. When do you need your car picked up? When do you need it to be delivered? How flexible are you with pick up/delivery dates?

- Type of trailer. Are you looking for an open auto transport trailer? Or you have a brand new/exotic car, which you need to ship without any hassle on an enclosed trailer.

- Personal belongings. Are you planning on putting personal belongings in your car? Is there going to be more than 100 lbs of belongings?

- Budget. How much are you planning on spending for shipping your car? Are you looking for the cheapest option possible or are you looking to ship your car with a highly reliable car shipping company, which obviously will charge you more?

Now, once you have established your expectations on how the process of shipping your car is going to go, here is the list of factors to consider while choosing an Auto Transport Company

1. Registered? Bonded? Insured?

You need to make sure that the shipping company that you picked is registered under the Department of Transportation (DOT). You can check that by asking the company's DOT number, which you can check for credibility on the FMCSA website.

Another factor is to make sure that the auto transport company is bonded or insured. It is crucial to be sure that while your car is on the trailer, it is insured for any kind of exterior damage that might happen during the trip.

2. Check previous customer's reviews. Especially the bad ones.

Look for company's reviews online. Most of the time, you can find them on Google, Yelp, BBB, or any other platforms. Obviously, the more 5 star reviews there are, the more reliable the company should be. 

At the same time, have a moment to take a look at what the customers said about the company in a negative view. Even though no one is perfect and mistakes can happen even to the best, the reason for looking for negative reviews is to establish if there is a bad trend that the company has been doing to its customers. 

For instance, some auto shipping companies tend to increase the quoted price after the customer has signed the contract or paid the deposit. Some customers might be tolerant to that tactic, while some customers consider that as a scam.

Your task is to see if the company is systematically failing in something during the process, which has been reported multiple times by its previous customers.

3.  Make sure that the quoted price is going to be the final price.

Most of the time, the first interaction between a customer and an auto transport company starts after you request a quote. Once all the information that you provided has been processed, the auto moving company reaches out to you via phone/email and provides you with the quote for shipping your car. Get your car shipping quote from Dreamline Logistics.


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