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Here's How to Book Your Car Transport With Dreamline Logistics in 5 Easy Steps

Dreamline’s vision is to connect individuals and businesses to a better future through logistics.

Dreamline sets the transparent standards other car delivery services attempt to attain. The freight and vehicle delivery company values a deep connection with its customers and a commitment to transparency, affordable pricing, and premium service.

Dreamline Logistics is constantly working toward a better future, developing better communication, transforming the delivery process, and catering to every customer’s budget. Dreamline values its customers above all.

Receive a Free Quote

Fill out the form—it should only take a few minutes.

Provide the cargo details, its current location, and destination.

Name Your Price and Prepare Your Car

A Dreamline agent will discuss car shipping costs via phone. 

Negotiate a car transport cost that’s best for your budget. 

Handle Your Keys to the Driver

An agent will match you with the ideal driver and schedule your cargo for pick-up. 

Review the Dreamline Logistics prep checklist.

Stay Up-to-Date

Sign the contract and make the initial payment.

Stay up-to-date on your car transport service 24/7 via live chat. 


Dreamline’s door-to-door car delivery service transports cargo directly to the customer. 

For shipments over 2,000 miles, Dreamline reimburses car washes up to $20.

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Check the Policy

To ensure all customers are treated fairly, Dreamline has developed additional policies.

Customers can be reimbursed for car washes for cargo traveling long distances, ensuring the vehicles leave Dreamline’s care with a sparkling appearance.

Although rare, Dreamline will provide a full refund of the initial payment if a driver cannot fulfill the shipment. 

Dreamline Logistics ensures the customer is always cared for—whether they need to change their shipping date or receive updates during transportation. Customers can always submit update requests through Dreamline’s 24/7 live chat. Dreamline Logistics is always looking to work with their customers instead of for them.

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