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Is it safe to ship a car?

One of the main concern while shipping your car is how safe is it? 

Generally speaking shipping your vehicle is safer then driving it. 

Let’s imaging you have to move to another cost - Massachusetts to California which is about 3000 miles. 

For the average driver it will take 3-5 days of 10 hours driving per day through the whole country which is absolutely great when you doing that for a trip purpose and don’t have to worry about your other daily routine such as work or moving the rest of your belongings. 

Let’s move to the point of the topic and see how safe is it to ship a car?

The first thing first and foremost safety comes from the professional drivers that work hard to deliver your car secure and right on time! Each driver have completed training program before getting their commercial driver license and surely know how to operate heavy equipment and how to correctly load your car on the trailer and strap it down. 

The second thing is that every commercial truck on the road controlled by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and must to pass annual inspection along with on the road inspections randomly performed by Department of Transportation. All this records are public and can be checked by running company’s USDOT number on FMCSA website

Third and the latest thing is a liability and cargo insurance which is must have for commercial unit and will cover your car during the delivery. 

Coming to the conclusion of current article you can see that insurance is not the only thing that covers your vehicle shipping but there are few important factors stays behind this complicated process and we can say that it is safe to ship a car whether it is cost-to-cost or international shipping. Dreamline Logistics Auto Transport is here to help organize that process for you. 

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