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How much does it cost to ship a car?

The car shipping rate mainly depends on the distance and type of the trailer. There are two different type of trailers: open & enclosed. Enclosed trailer option usually expensive on 30% than open.

Let's see some examples for open trailer option:

The short distance shipping which is ~ 0-300 miles will cost around $2 per mile, so for 200 miles trip you will be charged $400.

The medium distance 300-1200 miles costs around $1 per mile, in the other words 1000 miles - $1000.

The long distance trip over 1200 miles will come to $0.85 per mile and $1020 for 1000 miles.

The main factors affecting the price is:

  1. Distance
  2. Year, Make & Model of the vehicle
  3. Type of the trailer
  4. Route
  5. Dates of the shipping
  6. Demand during current season
  7. How soon the car needs to be picked up and delivered.

Of course, all these prices are estimated and can various for different type of cars and seasons and we recommend you submit a quote to get an accurate price.


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